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Max-Power Bow thrusters
Thrusters Explained

Max-Power Tunnel thruster Max-Power Retractable Thrusters Max-Power Stern Pod Thrusters
Electric and Ignition Protected
Tunnel Thrusters
Yachts > 25mtrs/85ft
Electric Retractable Thrusters
Yachts > 18mtrs/60ft
Stern Pod Thrusters
Yachts > 22mtrs/73ft

Max-Power Hydraulic Retractable thrusters Max-Power Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters Max-Power Conrol Panels
Hydraulic Retractable Thrusters
Yachts > 51mtrs/155ft
Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters
Yachts > 28mtrs/90ft
Control Panels

Max-Power Tunnels and adaptors Max-Power Propellers Max-Power fuses and battery switches
Tunnels and Adapters Propellers and legs Fuses and Battery Switches

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