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Stern Pod Thrusters

The Max Power Stern Pod offers an innovative solution to the often difficult tasks of installing a thruster into the stern of modern motor yachts.

Max-Power stern pod CT35 Full Data sheet

Combining a dry area on the stern with correct immersion depth and sufficient access is often a challenge. Designed with these constraints in mind, Stern Pod units can be installed entirely from the outside of the transom, reducing greatly the need for inside access. This allows greater immersion depth to be achieved. The Stern Pod housing is waterproof and ignition protected (ISO 8846) designed to withstand the corrosive damp atmosphere of the bilge. Entirely assembled and tested in our factory, Stern Pod units guarantee long term trouble-free operation with only minimal maintenance care.

Max-Power Stern manouverability
Max-Power sternpod selection

Model Thrust Power Weight Price
12v CT45
Data sheet
45kg 3.2kw/4.3hp 21kg
3,479.36 €

12v CT80
Data sheet
69kg 4.8kw/6.4hp 31k
4,095.47 €

24v CT80
Data sheet
75kg 5.3kw/7.1hp 31kg
4,095.47 €

12v CT100
Data sheet
96kg 7.1kw/9.5hp 41kg
4,977.40 €

24v CT125
Data sheet
115kg 8.6kw/11.5hp 41kg
5,194.83 €

24v CT165
Data sheet
160kg 11.9kw/15.9hp 61kg
5,719.14 €

24v CT225
Data sheet
195kg 15kw/20hp 61kg
6,151.67 €


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